inotag TT HUS

Polypropylene film for thermal transfer printing. The labels are printed using a high-quality resin ribbon. As a result the print quality is perfect. The labels are resistant to mechanical wear. Due to the specially selected adhesive they adhere strongly to various surfaces.

Einsatz: Kunststoff Paletten- und Behälterkennzeichnung, Inventarkennzeichnung

Standard-Größe: HF Etiketten liefen wir standardmäßig in den 50 x 80 mm sowie 30 x 65 mm, UHF Etiketten 103 x 20 mm

UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (Smartrac, Alien, Avery Dennison u.a.)
HF ISO 15693, (Smartrac, u.a.)

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