inotag RFID cable tie, inotag RFID safety seal, inotag RFID cable tag

The RFID transponder is covered with PE. Upon request the tag is also available with a coating of other materials, e. g. ABS resin (minimum quantity). The standard colour is green. Other colours are available on request (minimum quantity).

The RFID cable tie allows the identification of both metallic objects and objects that cannot be labelled. It is suitable as a safety seal for containers, trucks and trolleys. It can also be used as a security seal for various products, doors or shipping units. This RFID cable tie is even suitable for animal identification. inotag RFID cable ties are particularly suitable for the identification of big bags, tubes, cables, metal boxes, small containers and recycling materials.

The RFID cable tag cannot be removed without destroying it.

inotag RFID cable ties or safety seals are available pre-printed or with an additional label. The chip encoding is carried out according to customer specifications. 

Einsatz: Industrie, Logistik; Inventar; Produktschutz

Abmessung: 320 x 24 x 8 mm

Gewicht: ca. 6 gr.

Frequenz: UHF 860 – 920 MHz, ISO/IEC 18000-6C – EPC Class 1Gen2

Chip: Higgs 3; EPC 96 bit; User memory 512 bit, Unique TID 96 bit, Access PW 32 bit, Kill PW 32 bit

Lesereichweite: bei stationärem Reader bis zu 4 Meter, abhängig von Reader und Einstellung

Temperaturbereiche: -20° bis +80°

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