Flexible Thermotransfer - Druckeinheit mit RFID-Funktion

Specially designed for use in Production and Logistics. The perfect workstation for Just in Time, on-site, label and smart label production.


Large rolls of labels – up to 350mm – can be processed with ease, thanks to the custom made wind up and wind down unit.

Precise and problem free processing of barcode and RFID smart labels.

Print and RFID encoding data, can be processed through the built in PC workstation or by integrating the unit directly into your own IT-network.

An optional barcode scanning unit can capture and verify all printed data, in line - enabling continuous post-production verification, quality control and traceability.

The advanced oscillating wind on facility, allows a continuous workflow, even when printing and encoding at the same time.

Built from rugged stainless steel, the base construction is ideal for use in clean room, Medical, Hospital and Pharma facilities, as well as the Food industry and high demand production areas.


Das inotag-System bestehend aus:


  • mobiler Druckertisch - Edelstahlausführung
  • Auf- und Abwickeleinheit mit Pendelsteuerung
  • Thermo-Transfer Druckeinheit mit RFID Beschreibefunktion
  • Scannereinheit (Druckdatenerfassung/Kontrolle) = optional
  • PC-Einheit mit Bildschirm zur Ansteuerung des Drucksystems
  • Software zum Generieren von Druck- und Programmierungsdaten
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